The main exhibition of electronic components and modules in Russia
The leading Russian suppliers of electronic components
and modules will gather

at an international
exhibition and forum
"New Electronics"
  • New products are the world's technology companies
  • A busy program with the participation of leading specialists
  • Expanded opportunities for communication and cooperation
The exposition "New products of manufacturers of Electronic Components".   In our difficult times the problem of ...
The exposition "Testing and quality control of Electronic Components   The task of quality control ...
The leasing of meeting-room at the exhibition.   The leasing of meeting-room for the companies at the exhibition is the possibility ...
You can download booklet of "NEW ELECTRONICS'2015 exhibition" show results of last exhibition, conditions of participate, prices and ...
Concluded Agreement about promote the exhibition "New electronics" with The Broker Forum(TBF), which is the leading international ...
Concluded Agreement about promote the exhibition "New electronics" leading european publishing on electronics and component EPN ...
Pavlov, Alexander Y.
Director General of "Favorite-EC"

"Many companies are preparing for the "New Electronics" special deals and programs of cooperation. This is not to be missed."

Yuri Gerasimov
General Director of "Techno"

"Our industry is "older" eyes. In the competition he can win which is closer to the clients'

Mulyarchick Gennady
President of «Tochka opory»

"New Ideas. New contacts. The new electronics!"

Neil Harrison
President of Farnell Europe

"This is an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of like-minded people, to feel the pulse of the market"

Pestryakov Igor Leonidovich
General Director of "Alcon"

"You can meet with all key players of the market in a few days"

Gribachev Sergei A.
General Director of "Scanteam Rus"

"The interesting business program for suppliers, developers and managers of enterprises'

Alexander Tarasov
General Director of "ECT"

"The vast majority of official distributors chose "new electronics". This is important!"

Nikolai Fomin
Director General of "SC FEC"

"All participants are invited to their customers, so there will be many qualified visitors"

Veleslavov Dmitry
Chairman. Board of Directors of "Macro Group"

"The price of stands is lower, convenient location on the Red Presnya, less waste of time and money - more opportunities for business contacts"

Eugene M. Bykov
President of "Promelectronica"

"Together with other leading suppliers of components, we participate in creating this exhibition, and we strive to make it as effective as possible"

Alexander Bilenko
Director of the exhibition "New Electronics"

"I like to drive innovation"

Grebnev Sergei Leonidovich
Head, General Director of "EtLayt"

" always where our partners. "New Electronics" - a good opportunity to work together"

Bilenko Larisa
General Director of "MacroTeam"

"Customers, suppliers and competitors to gather in one place. Where shall we be if not for the "New electronics?"

Shumilin Yuri
President of "PetroInTrade"

"New Electronics" will set new standards for the organization of space and the business program for all Russian Exhibition"

Ivan Pokrovsky
General Director of the Center of Modern Electronics

"Take advantage of intelligent members "New Electronics" to solve their most complex problems!"

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