About the exhibition

ChipExpo invites you to take part in the international exhibition  NEW ELECTRONICS-2014.
The exhibition  will take place  from March 25 to 27, 2014 at the EXPOCENTR in Moscow, Russia.

NEW ELECTRONICS  is the main exhibition of electronic components and modules in Russia.

250 companies from 15 countries will be showcased together in an area of 8200 sqm at the NEW ELECTRONICS – 2014. The companies exhibiting are active in the microelectronics, electronic components, high technology, measuring technology and equipment for the electronic industry. 

The exhibition co-operates with more then 40 information partners. The participants and companies present at the exhibition supply more than 90% of electronic components and modules needs of  the Russian market.

Amongst them, - are some of the largest Russian distributors and producers: Compel,  Symmetron,  Petrointrade,  Eltech, Efo,  Promelektroniks, MT-Systems, Platan, FEK, Micro-M, Radiant-Elkom, Alkon, Macro Group, Radiocomp, Gamma, Scanti Rus, Cec-Mc, Fulcrum , Rosspecpostavka, Prist, ECT, Abris, Aviton, Ultran, Esto-Vacum, SMP, Master Tool, Onyx Electro, Radar, Maraphon, EC ZIP, NAVIS and many others.

For three days the exhibition  and business program will present more than 8 000 specialists from different industries  such as; military-industrial complex, energy, technology, telecommunication, aircraft-cosmic and ship industry, transport, town facilities.

NEW ELECTRONICS - 2014  is supported by:

The Industry Comittee of the  Russian Parliament Federation.
The Department of electronic industry of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation.
The Department of Science of Moscow's Government.
Moscow's Trade-Industrial chamber.

Rubricator of exhibition:

Active components
Passive components
RF and MW components
Power sources
DSP components
Transformers and ferromagnetic components
Electromechanical components
Material, instruments for electronics
Instruments, test equipment
Manufacturing of electronic component
Supply electronic component
Development and production of the electronics
Contract manufacturing of electronicses
Information and consultation

We look forward to welcome you at New Electronics-2014.

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