Laser Distance Meter

Laser distance meter

Laser distance meter is the ideal device to measurements of distance without reel tapes or wheel distance measurement systems. Our laser distance meter is made to the highest industry standards for resolution and durability. The laser distance meter is used for accurately determining the distance of an object or span without contact by way of a laser. The basic measuring principle is based on measuring the transit time of laser pulses between the laser distance meter and the object to be measured. Considering the speed of light, distances can be determined precisely with a laser distance meter.

Moreover allows this principle the determination of very large distances in the kilometer range. Additionally, the laser distance meter can accumulate independently to calculate surfaces and volumes. The laser distance meter is the ideal device for a civil engineer, and any other large scale operations in which distance measurement accuracy is paramount. The laser distance meter is frequently used in the industrial sector and especially with professions relating to construction, such as carpentry, masonry, electrical, landscapers, developers, locksmiths, etc.

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